Aug 062018

Part of responsible pet ownership is providing a healthy, species appropriate diet. For many animals, mostly reptiles, that is going to include feeding live foods. And yes, they can be gross for some people, but they meet a need that your pet has like nothing else can. Why feed live, when there are dried and […]

Aug 022018

One of our favorite aquariums – the biOrb!   Sleek, modern style Efficient filtration All topped with an efficient    LED lighting system   Constructed Out of Acrylic- 10 times stronger than glass, 50% lighter and 93% clearer True 5 Stage Filtration – Biological, Mechanical, Chemical, Water Stabilization and Oxygenation Low Voltage – All biOrb […]

Jul 312018
The basis of how our aquariums work

All organisms, whether animal, plant, or fungus, produce organic wastes, either during their lives as products of their metabolic activity (excreta, carbon dioxide, etc.) and the shedding of dead tissue (skin cells, leaves, etc.) or through the decay of the entire life form after death. These residues are recycled in nature via biogeochemical processes, one of […]

Jul 312018
Small animal dental health

Dental health of our small animals is something most peopledon’t spend time thinking about, and yet it is vital to their overall health as it is for our cats, our dogs, and even us.   Nearly all small animals kept as pets belong to the order Rodentia (which literally means “to gnaw”) and one characteristic is that […]

Jul 252018
Making sense of the FDA warning on grain-free foods

You may have heard the recent news from the FDA, warning pet owners and veterinarians about reports linking a heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs being fed grain free diets. Dilated cardiomyopathy, or DCM, is when the heart muscle becomes enlarged, making it harder to pump blood properly. Symptoms of DCM include decreased energy, coughing, […]

Jul 052018
Fun new small animal cages

Midwest’s is one of the top names in small animal habitats, cages, exercise pens, and accessories, all bearing the stamp of their innovative design, engineering, and manufacturing.They spend a great deal of time with expert instructors to learn as much as possible about small animal behavior and needs. The result? The industry’s best-selling small animal products.   […]

Jul 022018
Save on Bravo Crazy Curly Chew Beef Bully Sticks

One of our most popular dog chews arebully sticks and flossies. Made from pure beef, they’re a healthy way to keep them busy and entertained. They are:   High in protein – low in fat Helps clean teeth and freshen breath Low-no odor Won’t stain carpet or furniture Thick and last long for a satisfying chew […]

Jun 292018
Newest toy from Petlinks to keep your cat entertained.

Petlinks is well known among pet parents for their innovative, solution based, and environmentally responsible products to meet all your cat’s needs.    And check out their newest toy, the cutie mouse!   Cutie Mouse feathery toy with raffia tassels and crinkle sounds Lightweight and soft Bat and chase excitement with sound stimulation Provides an […]

Jun 282018
Reward your feathered friend

ZuPreem treats provide training and bonding moments bird owners love to share with their pets. Three formulas in two different sizes for medium and larger birds. Plus, there s only four real and recognizable foods in every Real Rewards mix.    Only four real and recognizable foods included Good for training and bonding moments with pet […]

Jun 282018
Exciting new recipes and foods from Stella & Chewey's

Stella and Chewey’s is one of our favorite foods; their freeze dried and raw diets are some of the best on the market. Their kibble, available in Raw Coated and Raw blend formulas, is getting rave reviews. And they’ve added some great new flavors and foods to their already great lineup!    Raw Blend recipes deliver […]