Feb 152013
Perfect aquarium kits for kids.

These complete aquarium kits come in two styles: mermaids and sharks. They include everything you need to get started: 2.65 Gallon Plastic Aquarium Plastic hinged cover and decorative feet Elite Mini Internal Filter Nutrafin Max Goldfish Flake Food (0.42 oz) Nutrafin Cycle Biological Supplement (1 oz) Nutrafin Aqua Plus Water Conditioner (1 oz) 2.2 lbs. […]

Feb 152013
Looking for something new for your fish tank or terrarium?

 We just got in new plant decorations from Fluval! You gotta check them out; instead of one strand of plants, these attractive faux plants come in bunches or with artificial wood, giving them a life-like quality, without the hassle of real plants. They come in various sizes and heights, so there is sure to be something to […]

Nov 152012
These are the future:

People keeping fish are very familiar with the strip light. It sits on the aquarium in a boxy, shall we say, “retro” style hood. These have been the standard for freshwater aquariums for many years, until now: Introducing the Aqueon Modular LED lighting system! These new LEDs have a ton of advantages over the old […]

Aug 302012
We have to newest, most stylin' desktop aquariums in the store!

The Marina 360 is a simple, modern 2.65 gallon aquarium with an integrated filtration and LED lighting system. It features a unique circular design with a 360° view that allows you to conveniently po sition it anywhere in your house or office. This easy to set-up and maintain aquarium contains an efficient lighting system with […]

May 102012
Perfect new tanks from Marineland

These compact, easy to use tanks include all the equipment you need to keep fish!This gorgeous 6 gallon pillar aquarium includes the clear plastic, seamless aquarium with hidden BIO-Wheel filtration, pedestal base, filter tower and tower cover  and the cool new hidden LED Lighting – white, daylight LEDs and Blue, moonlight LEDs that ensure aquatic enjoyment any time, […]

Apr 132012
Bring the coolest new lighting system to your aquarium

with Marineland’s hidden LED Lighting System. Marineland’s latest innovation brings the light to the inside of your aquarium. Exclusive in-frame mounting allows you to see the light without seeing the fixture and integrated cord routing helps to complete the illusion. The directional adjustment dial gives you the ability to shine the light where you want […]

Mar 122012
Check out these cool aquarium kits

Build and maintain a beautiful aquatic environment with this aquarium kit. The Penguin® BioWheel power filter helps keep your aquarium water pure and healthy. This Marineland® Bio-Wheel LED Aquarium Kit gives you what you need to create a beautiful aquatic environment. Ideal for small species of freshwater fish, this aquarium features an elegant glass construction […]

Mar 122012
Totally cool, new fish

Seeing is believing with GloFish®—they are extraordinary! Both hardy and beautiful, GloFish are perfect for hobbyists and beginners alike. And there’s a new one: the green Glow Tetra! Check them out and take them home for only $11.99                                   […]