May 102012
Perfect new tanks from Marineland

These compact, easy to use tanks include all the equipment you need to keep fish!This gorgeous 6 gallon pillar aquarium includes the clear plastic, seamless aquarium with hidden BIO-Wheel filtration, pedestal base, filter tower and tower cover  and the cool new hidden LED Lighting – white, daylight LEDs and Blue, moonlight LEDs that ensure aquatic enjoyment any time, […]

Mar 122012
Check out these cool aquarium kits

Build and maintain a beautiful aquatic environment with this aquarium kit. The Penguin® BioWheel power filter helps keep your aquarium water pure and healthy. This Marineland® Bio-Wheel LED Aquarium Kit gives you what you need to create a beautiful aquatic environment. Ideal for small species of freshwater fish, this aquarium features an elegant glass construction […]

Dec 142011
This holiday season is the best time to start a new hobby!

This December, when you purchase any aquarium, 10 gallons or larger,     you will save 20% on everything that goes in it!   This includes gravel, filters, heaters, decorations, plants, even food! Check out our care sheets on aquarium maintenance, feeding, and so much more. Valid until December 31st, 2011, excludes sale items.

Dec 092011
Save on the new 15 gallon columnar Aqueon tank kit

This beautiful 15 gallon aquarium comes with everything you need to get started! Kit Includes: 15 Column Aquarium Integrated Fluorescent Light Hood QuietFlow Power Filter Filter Cartridge Premium Fish Food Water Conditioner Thermometer Fish Net Aquarium Set-Up and Care Guide Get started on a fun family hobby now for only $79.99!   Expires December 31st, […]

Nov 162011
Goldfish Care

Download the care sheet (pdf) Origin East Asia Size 2-20 inches Life Span 2-50 years Temperature 60°F-72°F Congratulations on your new pet! The following are some basic guidelines to help your fish live a long, healthy life. Historians believe that goldfish were amongst the first fish to be domesticated in China around the 9th century. […]

Nov 162011
Betta Care

Download care sheet (pdf) Origin Southeast Asia Size 2.5-3 inches Life Span 2-3 years Temperature 74°F-84° Congratulations on your new pet! The following are some basic guidelines to help your fish live a long, healthy life. Bettas are known as the “Jewel of the Orient” due to their variety of bright and iridescent coloration. Bettas […]

Oct 162011
Aquarium Maintenance: The Nitrogen Cycle

All organisms, whether animal, plant, or fungus, produce organic wastes, either during their lives as products of their metabolic activity (excreta, carbon dioxide, etc.) and the shedding of dead tissue (skin cells, leaves, etc.) or through the decay of the entire life form after death. These residues are recycled in nature via biogeochemical processes, one […]

Oct 162011

Proper nutrition is important for the long-term health of the fish and to bring out their full, vibrant colors. Try to provide a balanced and varied diet that contains all the protein, fatty acids, fat-soluble carotenoids, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to accomplish this. Different types of fishes require dissimilar feeding requirements. For our purposes they […]

Oct 162011

Water changes are a crucial part of fishkeeping. Over time, large amounts of waste, dissolved gases, debris, and algae will build up in the aquarium and must be removed by the owner. Neglecting to do so will not only leave the tank unsightly, but may also gravely affect the long-term health of the fish. Water […]