One of our favorite aquariums – the biOrb!

Sleek, modern style

Efficient filtration

All topped with an efficient   

LED lighting system

Constructed Out of Acrylic- 10 times stronger than glass, 50% lighter and 93% clearer
True 5 Stage Filtration – Biological, Mechanical, Chemical, Water Stabilization and Oxygenation
Low Voltage – All biOrb aquariums operate from a 12V Transformer
LED Lighting – Equipped with a long lasting, low voltage Standard LED Light
Filter Cartridge – A true “one size fits all” filter for the biOrb aquariums
They are available in two sizes – 8 gallons and 16 gallons – and two colors – black and white. 
The 8 gallon BiOrb comes with theremote-controlled multi-colored LED light. Enjoy the magic of multi-colored lighting in your biOrb at the touch of a button. Simply choose your favorite color or scroll through the entire spectrum of light.
The 16 gallon comes with white daytime and blue nighttime LEDs, with an automatic sensor to turn them on and off automatically!
1. Air driven filtration system creates vigorous water flow and a constantly changing water surface. This maintains oxygen saturation.
2. The circular flow of water then collects any fish waste on its way down. 
3. It draws the waste through the ceramic media where the natural biological filtration absorbs some toxins. The freshly oxygenated water also feeds the bacteria.
4. Any remaining waste is trapped in the sponge cartridge. The water then passes through resin particles and natural stabilizers to remove toxic substances and keep the pH levels ­­­constant.
5. The clean water is then oxygenated as it flows back up the bubble tube to repeat the cycle.
The easy change, one size fits all filtration cartridge makes your monthly maintenance a breeze! 
They have created a line of beautiful and realistic decorations, specially designed for this tank. Most unique are the ornaments that surround and cover the uplift tube to hide the stream of bubbles. 
Decorations do more than just make your tank attractive: artificial plants can help create cover for your fish, giving them a place to hide from other fish and helps keep them stress free (stress is just as damaging to our fish as it is to us.)

The marines have landed!

We are excited to introduce our new marine and saltwater selection!
And we now carry everything you need to get started:
marine foods
medications and water quality additives,
test kits,
UV sterilizers, circulation pumps, and protein skimmers,
live sand and reef rock,
and the all important Instant Ocean Salt mix!
We also have Coralife’s BioCubes, in 16 and 32 gallons, perfect for your new marine fish and reef!
They feature:
  • Easy setup and includes tank, top, light filter, and filter pump
  • Power compact and LED light bar, with a programmable timer for your day light, dusk, and nighttime lighting
  • Integrated wet/dry biological filtration that can be customized with any filter media you wish.

Watch us as we

build our reefs!

We’re setting these two Biocubes as mini reef tanks; watch us as we go from the bare tank to a living replica of a reef on Facebook (and come in to check out the progress in the store!)

Meet some of our new marine friends:

This stunning fish is the royal gramma basslet. Vivid purple in the front and yellow/orange in the second half, this fish is eye popping even when hiding under a ledge.
Yellow tang: These gorgeous fish are suitable for larger tanks, but are safe for reefs. While they like to be the only one of their kind, you don’t need any more, as they’re just incredible to see!
The stunning flame angelfish is certainly an eye catcher and is one of our favorites! Keeping them well fed makes them safe for your reef tanks. Give them plenty of places to hide with live rock for grazing, and add them last to a peaceful community to really make it pop!
Diamond watchman goby: These cute little fish live at the bottom of the tank, where they like to sift the sand and make their own burrows. (In fact, that’s where they’re hanging out right now in the store, peeking out from their burrows, watching us watching them.)
Red footed hermit crabs live exclusively in salt water. You’ll notice them hanging out on the bottom of the aquarium and climbing the rocks, looking for meals of detritus and algae. They’re one of the most popular reef maintenance animals.
The chromis is a small schooling fish that are less aggressive than their close relatives, damsels and clownfish. They make great companions in a reef tank, as they don’t bother other inhabitants.
Turbo snails are great little clean up crews for reef tanks, as they like most algae, including nuisance algae – a lot of it. They’re hardy and great for the beginners aquarium.

Stop by and check our all the other inhabitants we have, some bold and beautiful, some not so noticeable!

Check these out!

These new Vista aquariums are stunning! These glass tanks feature curved, seamless corners, so you can appreciate the beauty of your tank without anything in the way.
The energy efficient LED lights are built right into the sleek hood and feature Soft Start, so the lights come on slowly to mimic sunrise to avoid startling fish. The 23 gallon has built in plugs too add another light strip to easily increase the amount of light your tank.
The kit includes:
  • Glass aquarium with panoramic seamless design
  • Built in LED lights with Soft Start
  • AquaClear power filter with media for crystal clear, healthy water
  • Fish net
  • LCD thermometer
  • Fluval care guide
  • Fluval tropical fish food, water conditioner, and biological enhancer.

Stands available for the 16 and 23 gallon.