Nov 202013
Gloria Barinholtz and 33 years of helping homeless animals

Adopt-A-Pet’s Founder – A Legacy of Compassion 1981-2003 Gloria Barinholtz spent many years volunteering at various animal shelters. She hadn’t found a pound or shelter she could live with, and so in 1981 she founded Adopt-A-Pet, the area’s first “shelterless shelter” – a new concept based on placing animals in foster homes, rather than a shelter […]

Apr 182012
Marlene Kavin's background

Marlene Kavin has been involved in dog obedience as an instructor and AKC Obedience Trial Competitor for more than 35 years.  She has trained and shown multi-titled breeds, is a class instructor for all breeds, and has been a columnist for the national dog training publication Front & Finish and writes for the Chicago Tribune.   Register […]