Jun 082017
Surviving thunderstorms and other loud noises

With the longer days and the changes in the weather comes a huge fear for many of us and our pets: thunderstorms.  The noise, lightening, and air pressure changes can be too much for some dogs, sending them quaking in fear. Some dogs bark, whine, or pace. And while it can be difficult for us, […]

May 192016
Saving your lawn

Now that spring is (finally) here, the trees and the grass are turning green again, and we start to see a problem that we didn’t have in the winter – yellow burn spots on our nice green lawns from dog pee. The biggest culprit of burn marks is the ammonia (NH3) in your dog’s urine, […]

May 162013
Keeping your lawn green

The trees are greening out and we’re all shaking off those winter blues. And we’re also noticing the results of letting the dogs go in the back yard all winter: nasty, yellow burn spots. Lawn burn results from the pH and high nitrogen in your dog’s urine. Severe spots may need to be dug up […]