Aug 042016
Open Farm, our newest dog and cat diet

High quality foods are nothing new here at Wilmette Pet. In fact, they are standard for us. Every single food here is made with human grade meats free of by-products, does not contain corn, soy, or wheat, and unnecessary fillers. Our newest food Open Farms has all of this, and goes a step beyond by being […]

May 122016
Check out our newest food: KOHA!

“The Story Behind Our Food We created KOHA Super Premium Dog and Cat food on the principal that clean food and great nutrition is an essential part of promoting a healthy & happy life. The word “Koha” in New Zealand primarily means a “gift of food”. Give your pet the gift of KOHA! Clean Food […]

Apr 132016
New Acana and some great changes

Orijen/Acana is one of favorite brands. They have very strict quality control, and they only use fresh ingredients (never frozen). They are introducing a new line of foods called Heritage. It is a 60/40 ratio of meats and fruit/veggies compared to 70/30 in the Regional blends and 80/20 for Orijen. Additionally, all Acana foods are […]

Jul 022015
Cool new, low calorie, easy way to reward your dog

“leanlix™ is an innovative new low-calorie reward and training tool for dogs that was inspired by our one-year-old lab Grace who LOVES food and treats. The concept of a reward that could be licked, was low-calorie and had health benefits (all while keeping all five fingers intact) was created. Invented by Seattle entrepreneur Sharon Da […]

Jun 182015
Our newest, most unique chew

RuffRoot This new chew from the people who make the Himalayan dog chew is sustainably harvested from the roots of trees and shrubs from the Mediterranean Heathlands in Spain. They make a great 100% natural alternative to rubber and plastic toys. They are splinter resistant, extremely long lasting, and effective natural toothbrushes. You can see […]

May 282015
Our newest foods

We are always on the lookout for the healthiest and best tasting foods for your cats and dogs. Diet is such an important part of our health and well-being – it’s the very foundation of our lives! There are a lot of choices in food for our cats and dogs, many new styles and flavors; […]