Start your dog off right in the new year with these exciting new foods!

The Simple Food Project:
“We believe our pets deserve real food. Good food. Food that properly nourishes them. Food that gives them the energy to run, jump, and play to their hearts’ content. Food that’s proportionally appropriate to their naturally carnivorous diets. We wanted to craft a dog food that we would feel good about feeding our own dogs. So we did.”
Made with human grade ingredients, entirely sourced from the US and made in Wisconsin, this grain free, limited ingredient, raw food is a convenient way to give your dog a high quality diet without synthetic vitamins and minerals.
Freeze dried nuggets – A blend of meat-based proteins, fruits, veggies, and a few grains and spices is freeze dried pasteurized at a low temperature and crumbled into flavor packed morsels full of natural vitamins and minerals. 
Dry roasted nuggets – The same formula that is freeze dried is also dry roasted; this makes for a nice, crunchy nugget full of flavor that dogs love. 
Freeze dried fruits and veggies – There is a different combination of whole fruits and veggies are freeze dried to retain all the natural vitamins and minerals – and the taste, too!
Freeze dried organ meat – Organ meat is an important part of a dog’s diet, supplying them with all sorts of nutrients and enzymes. 
It comes in three flavors – duck and trout, beef and salmon, and chicken and turkey – so there is a recipe your dog is sure to love! Can be fed dry, used as a topper with other diets, or rehydrated with water to really bring out the flavor!
Not sure? Give the recipe trial packs a try! These 1 ounce boxes are perfect for giving your pooch a chance to try them all.
Looking for a great grain-inclusive diet? Give Farmina’s N&D Ancestral Grain a try!
Formulated after years of scientific research with the Chair of Animal Nutrition at the University of Naples Federico II, this food is 60% high-quality animal ingredients, 20% organic spelt and organic oats, and 20% vegetables, fruits, vitamins, and minerals. These ancient grains provide a food that is low on the glycemic index, so they do not cause a sugar spike, while still being high in protein.
Nature is their inspiration, science is their method:
  • The food is packed with nitrogen gas. This drives out the oxygen that is responsible for oxidizing fat and causing food to go rancid. This type of packaging is used in many human foods. 
  • They use a unique process of vacuum coating each kibble; this integrates lipids throughout the entire kibble, forming more of a protective barrier on normally , and allows them to include vitamins
  • They only use GMO-free spelt and oats. 
  • The only preservatives are natural tocopherols, nothing artificial. 
It’s available in three proteins – Chicken and pomegranate, Lamb & blueberry, and Cod and orange, and comes in  puppy, small dog, and large dog! 
And remember, all of our foods come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! They are all also eligible for our frequent buyer program. Just let us know your last name and our Customer Appreciation system keeps track of it automatically!

Presents for our pups!

It’s coming down to the wire; Christmas is right around the corner. Need a last minute gift or stocking stuffer, maybe a treat? We’ve got you covered with products to make their holiday complete!

Treat them right with our top-of-the-line treats! 

From freeze dried and dehydrated meats to soft training treats, jerky style and biscuit types, too, your dog will love them, these tasty morsels cannot be beat!



All our pups can use new toys!

Soft plush toys and things to chase, maybe a favorite toy that you need to replace.

Keep your smart dog busy and entertained with these versatile puzzle toys, stuff them and freeze them, let them chew, it’ll help occupy your girls and boys.

​​​​​​​From puppies to older dogs, chewing is natural; it helps keep them calm, and for teething puppies, chewing acts as a balm. Meeting this natural urge is not a chore, with healthy beef and tasty pork, rawhides and NoHides, Nylabones and dental chews galore.

And this is the BEST time to stock up with  

Mix and match any toy, treat, or chew, from any department, and get the fourth for free!

Item of equal or lesser value will be free. No limit.

Give them the gift of rest, a place to lay their head, with a comfortable and stylish new bed!

Looking for a quick and easy gift for your pets? Something to get the pet lover in your life?
Check out our gift boxes! Each one contains carefully selected toys and treats for the finickiest pet. They are available for cats, small and medium/large dogs and come already wrapped!

Dog gift box contains:

Holiday stuffed toy                 Squeaky tennis ball               Etta Says chew       Nature’s Animals bakery biscuitTripe treatsPlato Mini Thinkers

plus a $5 gift certificate!

Cat Gift box contains:  Two toy mice            Crinkle ball                      Cat Greenies                 Zoom Around the Room catnip                                     plus a $5 gift certificate!

* Substitutions may be made for certain items.