May 122016
The problem with pests:

This topic is enough to cause a lot of people to start itching, but, with the warmer weather coming, it’s something we all have to deal with. As we come out of winter, eggs of all sorts of insects are also beginning to come out of their winter wait. The big culprits: Mosquitoes: Female mosquitoes […]

Apr 072016
Say hello to Ciao!

Grilled tuna & chicken fillets Made from hand-cut portions of responsibly harvested tuna and farm-raised chicken, these grain free fillets are lightly grilled and packed in a savory seafood or poultry broth. Available in eight enticing varieties, they’re high in moisture felines need for health. You can spend quality time with your furry friend by feeding […]

May 282015
Our newest foods

We are always on the lookout for the healthiest and best tasting foods for your cats and dogs. Diet is such an important part of our health and well-being – it’s the very foundation of our lives! There are a lot of choices in food for our cats and dogs, many new styles and flavors; […]

Oct 232014
Steve's Raw Goat Milk Yogurt:

We know that probiotics are very important: besides breaking down food and making nutrients more available for digestion, it has been found to be an important component of the immune system. A dog or cat’s gut flora can be reduced by stress and medications like antibiotics. Help replace them with Steve’s raw goat milk yogurt. […]