Dec 022011
Helping parents keep kids interested in their pets.

With the holiday season coming, many people begin thinking about getting a cute little pet for their kids. It’s certainly hard to resist those cute little faces, the guinea pigs running around, the lounging rabbits, hamsters running in their wheels. But pets should not be an impulse purchase. We know that to be a responsible […]

Nov 182011
Feeding Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Rabbits and guinea pigs are some of the most popular pets, and for good reason: They are gentle, companionable, and easy to care for. Their diet is one of the most vital part of having a healthy and happy rabbit or guinea pig, although it can be confusing for some. Their diet has three components: […]

Nov 162011
Goldfish Care

Download the care sheet (pdf) Origin East Asia Size 2-20 inches Life Span 2-50 years Temperature 60°F-72°F Congratulations on your new pet! The following are some basic guidelines to help your fish live a long, healthy life. Historians believe that goldfish were amongst the first fish to be domesticated in China around the 9th century. […]

Nov 162011
White's Tree Frog Care

Download Care Sheet (pdf) Adult Size 4 – 5 inches Life Span 16 years Male/Female Differences Sexing can be difficult. Females can be slightly larger than males, and males can develop larger, darker pads on their thumbs. Compatibility Keep singly, as uneven sized frogs will prey other each other. They also need a lot of […]