Oct 302013

The seasons have changed, and with the mercury is dropping, we have to make some changes – longer shirts, pants, light jackets. We thought it was time to go over some tips for our pets, from the common sense to a few things you may never thought of (and not just for dogs, too). Dogs: […]

Jan 252012
Care sheet - fancy rat

Fancy Rat (Rattus Norvegicus) Download and print the pdf version here. Adult Size – Males weigh from 300 – 550 grams. Females weigh from 250 – 450 grams. Their body length is around 7 inches. Life span – 2-4 years Male/female differences – Males are usually larger than females and they can be sexed by eyeing the […]

Nov 162011
Goldfish Care

Download the care sheet (pdf) Origin East Asia Size 2-20 inches Life Span 2-50 years Temperature 60°F-72°F Congratulations on your new pet! The following are some basic guidelines to help your fish live a long, healthy life. Historians believe that goldfish were amongst the first fish to be domesticated in China around the 9th century. […]

Nov 162011
Hamster Care

Download care sheet (pdf) Adult Size 4 to 5 inches long Life Span 2 to 3 years Male/Female Differences Sexing hamsters is done by eyeing the distance between the urethra and the anus; the distance is further apart in males. Both are equally handleable. Females may be more defensive while trying to nest or raise […]

Nov 162011

The weather has changed and we’re all breaking out of our winter doldrums and getting outside! But with the heat comes some special considerations for our pets. Keep these tips in mind: Walk your dog in the early morning and evening, when the temperature is cooler. Provide plenty of shade and fresh water for dogs […]

Nov 162011
White's Tree Frog Care

Download Care Sheet (pdf) Adult Size 4 – 5 inches Life Span 16 years Male/Female Differences Sexing can be difficult. Females can be slightly larger than males, and males can develop larger, darker pads on their thumbs. Compatibility Keep singly, as uneven sized frogs will prey other each other. They also need a lot of […]