Apr 072016
The beautiful, playful English budgie!

One of our favorite pets is the often-overlooked English budgie. Their friendly, curious nature and small size make them an ideal starter pet for your kids.  What IS an English budgie? There are actually two types of budgerigars: American budgies, commonly called parakeets, and English, or show, budgies. They were bred to be a little larger […]

Oct 062011
Parakeet Care

Adult Size 6-7 inches in length, weighing about 1-1.5 ounces. Life Span About seven years on average, because of over-breeding. Up to fifteen years. Male/Female Differences The cere or “nose” of the parakeet, which is pink in juveniles, turns a blue or purple in males when they become mature and white or brown in females. […]