Nov 292013

For Small Business Saturday, we’re offering a special: Buy any pet toy or treat, get another HALF OFF!* And to say thank you for shopping small, we’re extending this special ALL WEEKEND LONG! * Good on any pet treat or toy only, not diets. Equal or lessor value toy or treat is 1/2 off.  Valid […]

Oct 302013

The seasons have changed, and with the mercury is dropping, we have to make some changes – longer shirts, pants, light jackets. We thought it was time to go over some tips for our pets, from the common sense to a few things you may never thought of (and not just for dogs, too). Dogs: […]

May 292012
Riotous rainbow of color - part 2

This guy is one of the most handsome birds we have ever had. The Grand Eclectus is an oddity in the bird world in that there are huge differences in coloration between the genders (in fact, until the 1960’s, scientists thought that they were actually two different species living together.) These birds are highly intelligent, and […]

May 292012
Riotous rainbow of color - part 1

This adorable bird (we’re not sure yet if it’s a he or a she) is the fabulous Rose Breasted Cockatoo. This is one of the BEST birds from the cockatoo family: they are a medium sized bird, are relatively quiet, and have an engaging, spritely personality, and easily and happily learn tricks and to speak. What’s more, they have that one […]