Dec 042017

New to Wilmette Pet Center:

Ringneck parakeets

Indian ringnecks are considered to be some of the smartest birds, with a vocabulary that can compete with much larger parrots. They are known to be great at learning new tricks. Like many parrots, they do need frequent handling and attention to keep them tame and friendly, but with training and love they quickly become a beloved companion.



This New Zealand species of parakeet is one of the most active in aviculture, always running, never sitting still, always moving (they are often seen running up and down the sides of their cage without using their beaks). They are very curious and inquisitive, so they get used to people very quickly. They are very friendly and confident with humans, always needing to be the center of attention! They definitely need plenty of time outside of their cages for exercise and socialization. 




Bourke’s parakeet 

Known as a very sweet, gentle, and good-natured species, Bourke’s Parakeets make good pets when hand fed as babies, which allows them to bond with their human caretakers. These are intelligent birds but are also mellow and quiet, especially compared to other parrot species. 

Bourke’s Parakeets are an excellent introductory bird for those new to hookbills, both for their calm demeanor as well as their ability to entertain themselves.

Stop by and meet our beautiful new friends!

Nov 102017

These gorgeous amphibians live in the lush and warm tropical jungles, and their color is a warning to predators of their toxicity.

We have three colors:
Patricia Tinc arrow
Giant orange Tinc (the ones pictured to the right)
Oyapock Tinc arrow

Interesting point: in captivity, they lose all of their poison and are completely safe (although no frog should be handled.)

These colorful guys would make a perfect addition to one of our new terrarium kits for that beautiful tropical feel to your home!

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Nov 092017

On Saturday, November 18th from 3 until 5 local authors Sue Curwin and Rick Brehm will be reading this charming and touching story with Biscuit the Saint Bernard to help act it out!  It’s the first part of a new upcoming series about a seal that wishes to become a dog to make new friends.

During the reading, your kids can color an excerpt from the companion book while being served milk and cookies. After the reading, Sue and Rick will be offering book signings and prizes for the coloring contest! 

The fee is $25 per family, and you’ll get one set of the book and the companion coloring book. Additional story and coloring books can be purchased. 

All proceeds from the event and the books are being donated to Adopt-A-Pet to help them in their mission to save more animals!

Preregistration is highly suggested – call 847-251-6750 or stop by to save your spot – we’ll bring the crayons! 

Oct 122017

Did you know that October is the month with the most petadoptions? We are happy to help you find your next 4-legged best friend.  Drop by this Saturday, October 14th, between noon and 3 PM and meet our newest arrivals!  Other pups, both large and small, will be here along with their foster parents. Don’t miss the fun!

Thinking of adopting a puppy?   Talk to their Adopt-A-Pet foster parents and learn about these puppies and their personalities, and what we know about their histories.

Thinking of adopting an adult dog, instead?  Meet our currentfosters Piper and Willie, new arrival Tippy, and soon to be coming Yonni the Yorkie.  We understand that not everyone has the time and energy for a puppy. Come meet some wonderful, fully grown adult dogs that are used to being part of a family, and ready to fit right in with yours!)

Considering fostering? Come talk to these pups’ foster parents, and see what it’s like to have a four-legged foster child, or 3!

Just want to help? 

Make a financial donation to support Wilmette Pet’s rescue partner Adopt-A-Pet. Unfortunately, not all puppies arrive in healthy, ready to adopt condition. Some require hospitalization and thousands of dollars of medical care; some require several treatments to get rid of ringworm or other skin conditions. All require routine puppy immunizations and spay or neuter surgery. Adopt-A-Pet is an all-volunteer rescue organization and 100% of your donation is used to care for their animals (not for salaries or buildings). 

Consider becoming a volunteer dog walker! 

If you like dogs and like walking, this program is for you! Make your own schedule . . . daily, weekly or monthly. To volunteer, just attend a one-hour Dog-Walking Orientation at Wilmette Pet Center. Orientations are set up on an as-needed basis. Email Sophie at: to set up an orientation for yourself.
(If you are under 18, ask a parent to do this with you … it’s a fun thing to do together!)

Here is the line-up for Saturday:

  • Cody, an 11 week old, 8 pound Border Collie mix. He is the poster dog of “how much is the puppy in the window?”  His foster mom says he needs a  family with another playful dog to help burn some energy off. He’s working on potty training but not there yet;
  • Meriweather, a 17 week old, 21 pound  Plott Hound mix; he’s a smart,  well-socialized, happy, loving puppy who loves everyone he meets;  
  • Beta, Gamma and Delta, the smallest  pups we’ve seen in a while, weighing under 4 pounds! They are 3 month old Rat terrier/Chihuahua mixes, small bundles of energy and big fun, well on the way to being house-trained;
  • Sheba, a wire-haired terrier/Shepherd mix, about 10 months old and 35 pounds, she is very playful and a very nice medium-size.

Looking for a Hurricane Harvey dog? Still available for adoption (although we don’t know why!):

Stuart, a 4 year old, energetic but very kid-friendly 50 pound yellow lab mix;

Nikko, a year old, 58 pound mixed breed female; and

Shalimar, a 38 pound 12 month old pup who acts like a lab but looks like a miniature Rottweiler.

And remember, when you adopt any dog, whether they are fostered here or elsewhere, come in with your paperwork to receive our New Puppy coupon book. It’s filled with tons of coupons to save you time and money, with an educated staff to get you started right!

Thanks in advance for your support as we work with Adopt-A-Pet to find these pups their forever families!

Sep 292017

Drop by Wilmette Pet Center this Saturday, September 30between noon and 3 PM, and meet dogs rescued from Houston area shelters (as well as a couple others who also blew in from the South!) These dogs are too big to fit at Wilmette Pet, but we didn’t want you to miss out on a chance to meet them in person.

Interested in adopting? Get your application in quickly! They won’t stay in foster homes for long, so get the process started now by heading over to Adopt-A-Pet for the application.

Can’t adopt but still looking for a way to help? There’s other ways you can assist us in rescuing deserving cats and dogs:

Considering fostering? Come talk to these dogs’ foster parents, and see what it’s like to have a 4-legged foster child! The more temporary homes Adopt-A-Pet has, the more animals they can rescue.

Just want to help? Make a financial donation to support our rescue partner Adopt-A-Pet, who saved 9 dogs from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and who continues to save dogs from shelters in IL, MO and MS. Three of the Hurricane Harvey dogs will require expensive treatment to cure Heartworm, two are being tested for possible ringworm, and one needs dental surgery. Adopt-A-Pet is an all-volunteer rescue organization and 100% of your donation is used to care for the animals (not for salaries or buildings).

Here is the line-up for Saturday:

And last but not least
We hope to see you Saturday. Thanks in advance for your support as Wilmette Pet Center and Adopt-A-Pet work together to give these dogs shelter from the storm
Sep 212017
In our never-ending quest for the newest foods, the best toys, and incredible supplements and pet supplies, we’re excited to introduce:

Stella & Chewy’s Raw Blend – The people that create Stella & Chewy’s believe in the power of raw and that any amount of raw in a dog’s diet will have a meaningful & positive impact. And to make it easier to include raw in your pet’s, they’ve introduced Raw Blend. Available in two formulas, Raw Coated where each kibble is coated with freeze dried raw and Raw Blend, with whole chunks of freeze dried raw meats along with the kibble. Each recipe uses premium ingredients that are gently oven baked with real raw nutrition added afterward for maximum power and taste in every bite. Grain and potato free, it comes in several proteins, so there’s one your dog is going to love!

Merrick Fresh Kisses – New Merrick Fresh Kisses are an all-natural dental treat designed not only to clean dog’s teeth, but to truly freshen breath at the same time. Merrick Fresh Kisses feature a double-brush design to clean teeth by removing plaque and tartar during the chewing of the treat. Fresh Kisses also are made with all natural ingredients specially formulated to freshen breath, in two new recipes: Merrick Fresh Kisses infused with Mint-Flavored Breath Strips and Merrick Fresh Kisses infused with Coconut + Botanical Oils.

Missing Link Once Daily chews – With all the superfood nutrition of The Missing Link Original® packed into a convenient chew, give your dog essential daily whole food nutrition anywhere. Chock full of the Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, dietary fiber and phytonutrients your pet needs to support skin and coat, muscle and tendon function, immune system health, energy levels and overall wellness are packed into a superfood dental chew. Thanks to the abrasive action of the chew’s cool ridges, plaque is reduced while Stay-C 50 (a patented form of Vitamin C) goes to work supporting gum health. Available in both Hip & Joint and Skin & Coat formulas.

Himalayan  dog chews – Made in the US in Washington State with the same techniques by the people of the Himalayas, derived from an ancient recipe, to convert milk into a hard cheese to create an authentic treat that is 100% natural without any preservatives or additives. And now they have added some great new product to this incredibly popular line!

    yakyYUM and yakyChurro are  part of the new yakySNACKS line of treats from Himalayan. The addition of potato starch to our original Himalayan cheese naturally makes these great chews softer and easier to chew for dogs of all ages and sizes. They are available in a variety of flavors, providing different flavor profiles for your discerning pup.  


    Happy teeth – Contains spinach and natural enzymes to help clean between your dogs teeth, and with no lactose, grains, gluten, or soy, it is a natural way to help remove plaque and mineral buildup.

Boxiecat – The owners of Boxiecat are cat people and hate it when cleaning the litter box is a chore. So they created Boxiecat litter and stain and odor removers, natural, long lasting, and effective products that takes care of those big issues people have with litter care. Their litter forms hard clumps right on the top, instead of soaking to the bottom, making it easy to scoop and keeping the box cleaner. Comes in scent-free, gently scented, and extra strength.

Their stain and odor removers are available for both dogs and cats, and utilize the same bacteria found in probiotics, and are tireless. They will not stop working until your stain and odor problem is gone. They are natural, effective, and do not require scrubbing. Once the solution has cleaned an area, it simply evaporates. Family-safe, they contain no chemicals and won’t leave behind residues. Available in scent-free, Premium scented, and extra strength in ready to use formulas, and in scent-free and Premium Scented in Ultra Concentrated formulas.

West Paw Rowdies – Rowdies™ is West Paw’s new collection of durable plush toys for dogs. Each toy was designed for specific sized dogs in mind. No matter if you have a toy Terrier or a massive Mastiff, West Paw has created a collection of durable plush dog toys sturdy enough to hold up to rough play.

West Paw uses their innovative Zogoflex® material to create designated “chew zones” for dogs who love to gnaw, chomp and chew. The tough plush HardyTex™ fabric has been reinforced with a mesh backing for enhanced durability.

Available in 6 fun shapes, perfect for every dog. 


Planet Dog toys – ese are our most durable and long-lasting toys! 

  • Proudly creating the BEST PRODUCTS
  • For your BEST FRIEND.
  • 100% Guaranteed since 1997.
“Since incorporating in 1997, we have been known as the industry’s leading socially responsible, values-based design house, bringing people and dogs together for fun and mutual support.
What gets our tails wagging is creating, innovating, and developing premium products “made for dogs, by dog lovers” all while being fully dedicated to satisfying both you and your best friend.”
They added an exciting new toy to their already popular lines like Cosmos, Industrial, and Orbee Balls: LINKS! 
Links are a new, interactive toy designed for dogs to see and smell their treats all while working to get them out. This toy is specifically designed to be linked together allowing it to transform into different shapes for different levels of difficulty. Literally the options are endless! Regardless of how big or small the dog, they will toss, flip and shake with joy as they try and get their treat out. As an added bonus, Link works great as a slow feeder.
Jul 272017

There’s been a big shakeup in the pet food business: PetSmart has purchased the online delivery company Chewey’s. As a result of this, Chewey’s is no longer able to carry Orijen and Acana. 

Why is this? Champion foods, the company that makes these foods, is committed to the quality of their food and focusing on the smaller independent retailers and specialty shops. From their page about the change:

“Mass retailers operate different business models than specialty stores. They often require food makers to make significant investments in advertising and measure success through sales volumes and profits. This model is not who we are — our focus is and always will be on our foods.
At Champion, we invest in ingredients and research. The majority of cost in making ORIJEN and ACANA comes from their ingredients, not advertising. Our commitment to our foods is critical to our vision and mission. It sets us apart from multinational and marketing brands.
We believe that our pet specialty store partners recommend pet foods based on their trust in the food maker and the food’s performance, rather than advertising and sales volume.”
You can read their entire statement here
We’re proud and honored to be one of those independent retailers that carries both Orijen and Acana! And with our home delivery service you can still get it delivered right to your door! Just give us a call at 847-251-6750!
You’ll also save more with our automatic frequent buyer program and our Customer Rewards!
Your Wilmette Pet Staff
Jun 082017
It wasn’t a terribly cold or long winter this year, but we’re still really glad when it’s over! And with the warmer months, there are a lot of things that we need to be aware of and do differently; in fact, there are so many we’ve gathered all of our top summer caresheets in one convenient place!
The warmer winter and rainy spring are bringing out all kinds of pests. Besides being a nuisance for our furry friends, they can actually dangerous to their health. And these pests bother more then just our dogs and cats, we have to be worried about our scaly and small furry friends, too. For a complete run down of all the pests we need to deal with and why, read our Problem with pests caresheet. We have our top tips and solutions for getting rid of with and preventing these pests on this caresheet, Dealing with Pests
It’s also brought about a big explosion in grubs and insect larvae, which is prime food for skunks. These wild animals have adapted to urban environments very well, and have been seen in increasingly greater numbers where we live. For tips to control and limit encounters with skunks, and what to do if our dog has found one, see our Dealing with Skunks caresheet.
With the summertime comes thunderstorms and lots of fireworks – and while the light and noise are enjoyed by many of us, it can be a source of terror for our pets (and, yes, for some people, too.) For our best tips and products to help reduce the stress and help them survive this scary time, check out our Surviving Thunderstorms caresheet
We spend a lot of time and money to have beautiful green lawns – just to have them ruined with yellowing and bald spots. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and our Saving you Lawncaresheet has all the tips, suggestions, and products to keep you lawn perfect for the summer!
This is the time of year that most animals begin to fill the world with babies. It’s also when we find helpless newborns and babies – and, being the loving and caring people we are, we want to try to help. Caring for an injured, sick, or weak wild animal really requires a licensed and professional rehabilitator. But as it can take some time to get the animal to the right person, we may have to step in. Different animals have different nutritional and feeding requirements, so check out our specific baby rabbit caresheet here and see this caresheet for the most commonly found baby animals. 
Step up your dog’s chewing time, and help keep them cool with tips and recipes on our Cool summer treats for a cool dog. These frozen treats will keep them busy and entertained while helping them cool down when the weather starts getting hot. 
There are many other changes and things to be aware of for all of our animals, not just our cats and dogs. For tips for all of our companions, check out our full Preparing our pets for Summer article.