Jun 212022
Likes: Sharktooth loves treats, free roaming, and playing enrichment games!
Dislikes: When mom makes him look uncool in front of his friends
Bio: Sharktooth is the perfect first rabbit! He’s super chill and loves to lounge outside of his pen while I work from home. He’s memorized the sound of me opening the treat bag and his ears perk up and he stretches all the way to the top of the pen to make sure to get a treat. He’s done well with my two cats and loves to investigate what they’re up to.
Sharktooth is a very smart bunny and loves doing his enrichment games. He catches on to them pretty quickly so change them up every so often to give him a good challenge! After some play time, exploring, and a good snack, Sharktooth will find a comfy spot to flop down and take a nap! Don’t pass this lovely boy up!
The adoption fee is $50. All rabbits are spayed/neutered and microchipped.
Apply for adoption here – https://bit.ly/3OyHlrY
Jun 092022
Hand raised hamsters are some of the sweetest animals around and because they are easy to care for, they make great first time pets.
And now, when you buy your new hamster cage, you’ll get the hamster for free!
Read more about their care here, then stop by and talk to our experienced staff about how to properly care for them. https://bit.ly/WPC_hamster_care
Jun 092022
 our newest fosters from Community Animal Rescue Effort – CARE!
“We are six-month old sisters who are as sweet as our names! Caramello, the Tortico, is the more outgoing one who will approach you, meowing. Snickerdoodle, the tabby, is a little bit of a scaredy cat but still very charming and appealing. Together, they will melt your heart and make your house a home. We shine during playtime. After all, we are kittens, full of life and love. Our bags are packed and we are ready to go home!”
– These two bonded kittens must be adopted together
Adoption Information:
Children: Yes, older children, cat experienced
Cats: Yes, with proper introduction; adoption counselors will advise
Dogs: With proper introduction
C & S are microchipped, spayed, and have had veterinary exams and vaccines. The Adoption Fee of $200 for the pair includes all vaccines, microchips and spay/neuter surgery. Their medical history is on file in the store.
If you are interested in adopting them, please submit the online adoption survey: www.carenorthshore.org/cat-adoption-survey.
Mar 142022
Raw frozen diets are one of our favorite foods to recommend. They are nutrient dense, minimally processed, and made with whole foods and no fillers, so they are great for dogs with allergies, and can help increase energy levels and improve coats, joints, and digestion.
People are concerned about contamination with raw food, and it should be treated just as the meat you prepare, but did you know that kibble has had many more recalls – 76 times more!
Check out our top brands, and order online for in-store pickup or free local home delivery: https://bit.ly/WPC_frozen_dog_food
Feb 162022
February is Pet Dental Health month, but dental health is so important for your pet’s overall health, and needs to be addressed year round.
Brushless Toothpaste treats from Ark Naturals make taking care of your pet’s teeth as easy as giving a tasty treat! They have a unique toothpaste center, surrounded by a harder outside layer to abrasively clean teeth and mechanically help reduce plaque and tartar buildup.
They’re available in four styles: Regular, Senior, Protection+, and Sensitive teeth. Check them out here: https://bit.ly/WPC_Ark_Naturals
Feb 092022

Rehomeward Bound pets – Meet Maggie and Carrot!
Their family were no longer able to care for them, so we’re helping them find a new loving home! They’re both female, 2 years old, and are very friendly. They’ve lived together their whole lives, so they must go together.
Stop by to meet them and find out how you can bring them home, and read up on their care with our WPC care sheet: https://bit.ly/WPC_chinchilla
Jan 312022
Minimal stuffing, as squeaker balls replace most of the stuffing in the body. Soft edges won’t hurt gums. These toys may seem plush on the outside, but all the durability features are internal making them soft, yet Mighty® strong.
Great for interactive play with one or multiple dogs. Best for dogs who like to whip their toys and play tug for hours.
Shop in-store or online for free home delivery! https://bit.ly/WPC_new_VIP_toys
Jan 272022
If you’ve ever thought about getting a guinea pig, now’s a great time to get one. Buy any guinea pig cage and we’ll waive the cost of your pet (after our usual discussion on their care and needs, of course.)
You can get started learning what you need to know with our care sheets here: https://bit.ly/WPC_SA_caresheets