May 182017
We’re always looking for the best foods on the market. We’re pretty strict about what we’ll carry in our store. Since nutrition is the basis of our health, we only look for the best for your pets.(Check out our series on Understanding your pet’s food to see why we chose the foods we offer.)
Our newest food is no different: Hi-Tek Naturals. Their diets are made with the healthiest, most natural ingredients. With no animal by-products, no corn, soy, or wheat, and by using natural preservatives like vitamin E instead of adding Ethoxyquin, they’re careful and proud to use this term for their diets. 
It’s great nutrition at a smart value!
Natural foods with whole grains make these outstanding foods among the best selling of premium diets. Thoroughly balanced with the vitamins and minerals dogs need at every stage of life, formulas of Hi-Tek Naturals have been provided to meet the needs of every breed and every lifestyle. These are exceptional diets!
  • This balanced diet is a combination of protein and whole grains with antioxidant health from omega 3 and omega 6
  • Chicken meal is a rich source of protein, fat, and important vitamins and minerals that helps to maintain vibrant muscles, strong bones, and a robust immune system
  • Wholesome whole grains like barley, rice, brown rice, and oatmeal provide rich sources of readily available energy and retrain natural fibers and complex sugars to support a healthy colon and firm, consistent stools
Created in response to thousands of requests from loving pet owners, this grain free alternative provide the benefits of outstanding nutrition from an unparalleled ingredient selection.
  • This balanced diet is a grain free combination of chicken meal, sweet potatoes, pork meal, duck meal and salmon meal, rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Chicken meal is a rich source of protein, fat, and important vitamins and minerals that help to maintain vibrant muscles, strong bones, and a robust immune system.
  • 100% grain free with an ideal balance of vitamins and minerals – no supplements needed
  • Antioxidants come from tomato, blueberry, and raspberry and this formula doesn’t contain any corn, soy, wheat, or rice
  • Suitable for any adult dog regardless of breed or activity level and formulated to provide all the energy and stamina dogs need without grains or grain products
Hi-Tek Natural Treats come in three great flavors your dog is sure to love. These premium treats offer irresistible taste and unparalleled ingredients at an economical price. They’re great as training aids and as rewards. Available in Peanut Butter, Gingerbread, and Cheddar Cheese.
Apr 272017

WPC has Up’d Your Savings

Wilmette Pet Center is happy to announce our new and improved customer appreciation program. You now have more savings on top of our already low prices with our fast, responsive and knowledgeable service

It’s our way of saying thanks for shopping at your local Wilmette Pet Center

Receive 2% rebate on all of your purchases!

And we mean everything – including sale items. Every time you accumulate $50 on all your purchases, you will immediately earn $1, ready to use on your next purchase. Use it towards anything in the store or save for something special!

Buy 12 Cans of Dog or Cat Food Get 1 Free!

Now when you buy 12 cans of your dog’s food or 12 cans of your cat food, you’ll receive the 13th free. Mix and match any brand any formula any size at any time*.

*Equal or lesser value is free. Sorry, dog and cat foods cannot be combined. *Canned foods are not accumulated in our frequent buyers program.

Earn Free Pet Food, Hay, and Litter!

With your WPC customer appreciation rewards, each time you purchase a bag of your favorite dog and cat food, you earn your way towards free products.  We participate in a number of manufacturer frequent buyer programs and have made it easy. No longer do you need to keep your receipts, loyalty cards, or cut out UPC codes. Let us take care of that for you and remind you when you have earned your free products. Our frequent buyers program is available for all our dog and cat foods, World’s Best cat litter as well as Oxbow foods and hays. We’re working hard with our suppliers to add more money saving programs in the near future! See the other side to see the current list of our participating manufacturers.


WPC’S Customer Frequent Buyer program*

Blue Buffalo: buy 10 get 1 one free

Carna4: buy 12 get 1 one free

Canidae/ Felidae: buy 12 get 1 one free

Fromm: buy 12 get 1 one free

Fussie Cat: buy 12 get 1 one free

Grandma Mae’s Country Nat: 10 get 1 one free

Honest Kitchen: buy 12 get 1 one free

Horizon Pulsar: buy 12 get 1 one free

Merrick: buy 12 get 1 one free

Nature’s Logic: buy 12 get 1 one free

Nature’s Variety: kibble buy 12 get 1 one free

                                freeze dried buy 12 get 1 one free

                               frozen buy 12 get 1 one free

Northwest Naturals: frozen buy 12 get 1 one free

                                     freeze dried buy get 1 one free

Open Farms: buy 12 get 1 one free

Orijen/Acana: buy 12 get 1 one free

Oxbow: pellet diets buy 6 get 1 free

                hay buy 6 get 1 free

Primal: frozen buy 12 get 1 one free

               freeze dried buy get 1 one free

Stella and Chewy’s: freeze dried buy 12 get 1 one free

                                    frozen buy 12 get 1 one free

                                     kibble buy 12 get 1 one free

Taste of the Wild: buy get 1 one free

World’s Best Cat Litter: buy 10 get 1 free

Wellness: buy 12 get 1 one free

Wild Calling: buy 8 get 1 one free

Zignature: buy 12 get 1 one free

Ziwi Peak: buy 12 get 1 one free


*Various formulas and sizes of the same brand can be combined to achieve free product. Cannot combine cat and dog, or style (freeze dried, kibble). Free product will be of equal or lesser value. Program for free product expires 24 months from first product purchased. Wilmette Pet Center LLC reserves the right to end the program at any time.

Mar 162017

Our friends over at Classic Kids Photography have an incredible event coming up!

Get some adorable pics of your kids with the cutest rescue rabbits from us, and they’ll donate $50 to Adopt-A-Pet! It’s Friday and Saturday, March 24th and 25th. Go to to find out more and reserve your space now.

Oct 202016
We are excited to introduce our new marine and saltwater selection!
And we now carry everything you need to get started:
marine foods
medications and water quality additives,
test kits,
UV sterilizers, circulation pumps, and protein skimmers,
live sand and reef rock,
and the all important Instant Ocean Salt mix!
We also have Coralife’s BioCubes, in 16 and 32 gallons, perfect for your new marine fish and reef!
They feature:
  • Easy setup and includes tank, top, light filter, and filter pump
  • Power compact and LED light bar, with a programmable timer for your day light, dusk, and nighttime lighting
  • Integrated wet/dry biological filtration that can be customized with any filter media you wish.

Watch us as we

build our reefs!

We’re setting these two Biocubes as mini reef tanks; watch us as we go from the bare tank to a living replica of a reef on Facebook (and come in to check out the progress in the store!)

Meet some of our new marine friends:

This stunning fish is the royal gramma basslet. Vivid purple in the front and yellow/orange in the second half, this fish is eye popping even when hiding under a ledge.
Yellow tang: These gorgeous fish are suitable for larger tanks, but are safe for reefs. While they like to be the only one of their kind, you don’t need any more, as they’re just incredible to see!
The stunning flame angelfish is certainly an eye catcher and is one of our favorites! Keeping them well fed makes them safe for your reef tanks. Give them plenty of places to hide with live rock for grazing, and add them last to a peaceful community to really make it pop!
Diamond watchman goby: These cute little fish live at the bottom of the tank, where they like to sift the sand and make their own burrows. (In fact, that’s where they’re hanging out right now in the store, peeking out from their burrows, watching us watching them.)
Red footed hermit crabs live exclusively in salt water. You’ll notice them hanging out on the bottom of the aquarium and climbing the rocks, looking for meals of detritus and algae. They’re one of the most popular reef maintenance animals.
The chromis is a small schooling fish that are less aggressive than their close relatives, damsels and clownfish. They make great companions in a reef tank, as they don’t bother other inhabitants.
Turbo snails are great little clean up crews for reef tanks, as they like most algae, including nuisance algae – a lot of it. They’re hardy and great for the beginners aquarium.

Stop by and check our all the other inhabitants we have, some bold and beautiful, some not so noticeable!

Aug 042016

High quality foods are nothing new here at Wilmette Pet. In fact, they are standard for us. Every single food here is made with human grade meats free of by-products, does not contain corn, soy, or wheat, and unnecessary fillers.Open Farm banner

Our newest food Open Farms has all of this, and goes a step beyond by being the first ethically sourced food, ensuring that the animals they use are raised in the most humane way possible. “We source all of our meat ingredients in a way that is consistent with our core value that all animals should be raised with kindness and respect. Not only does this result in happier and healthier farm animals, it leads to a higher quality of meat for ourselves and our pets.”

This means:

  • Proper diet, consisting of quality vegetarian diets free from antibiotics and hormones.
  • Stress free, enriched environment with plenty of room to roam, with clean resting spaces and free access to food and water. Crates, cages, and ties are forbidden. They even ensure that the poultry they use has 6 hours of sleep every 12 hours!
  • During transport, handling and stress are kept to a minimum, and the people involved are trained to ensure ethical and humane handling.

It’s a food that you can feel really good about feeding to your pets!

Open Farm whitefishThey are the first pet industry partner of Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) and they are the first first Certified Humane pet food. What does this mean? This third party non-profit group focuses on animal welfare and constantly audits the entire supply chain to ensure that strict standards are met every step of the way. To learn more about HFAC, visit

They are also partners with Global Animal partnership and their 5 step animal welfare rating system. When you see the GAP 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating labels, you can be assured that the farmers and ranchers under the program must focus intently on the welfare of their animals, meet comprehensive standards and be subject to third party audits. To learn more about GAP, visit

This company even has a recycling program for its bags; just bring them to the store, and they’ll come by, pick them up, and reuse them in future batches!

Stop by for some samples of this amazing food, and let us know what you think!


Jul 142016

Summerfest 2016

On Friday, our good friends from Midwest Greyhound Adoption are going to be with us, showing off their embassa-dogs, and talking about what amazing companions they make.

Then on Saturday, our partners in adoption, Adopt-A-Pet, will be there with some new friends looking for their forever homes. They’ll also have some great arts and crafts and treats to help homeless animals. Joining them in their mission to help rescue cats and dogs is Maddie, offering adorable and cool face painting – and all proceeds are being donated to Adopt-A-Pet!

Jun 302016
Hermit crabs are fascinating little pets, with their alien appearance and unique lifestyle. Properly caring for these small crustaceans is a bit different than most people think, but it’s a rewarding experience! They
are, sadly, often considered a throw away pet, but a properly cared for hermit crab can live 15 years or more! We’re here to change that perception and help you get the most out of your new crustacean friend!

A few tips to get you started:

Hermit crabs, despite their name, are quite social and do better when kept in small groups. They can be quite active and love to climb, so give them plenty of space and some vertical surfaces.
Hermit crabs like high humidity and access to both fresh water and salt water. Provide fresh water with a sponge, and giving them a bath twice a week in salt water.
For more information on how to care for these fascinating creatures, check out our care sheet here. Stop by to see these cool little guys for yourself and talk to our trained staff about how to properly care for them.
And to help get you started right, we’ve made our own hermit crab kits! These convenient homes contain everything you need to get started at a GREAT price!
Kit includes:

Hermit crab home
Shell for their food
Sponge for humidity
Substrate coconut/calci-sand mix
Marine Salt
plus food and treats!