Jun 302020

It’s that time of year: As summer begins, the weather often takes a rough turn, and even though the official fireworks displays have been cancelled, people are still setting them off and scaring our babies (and some of us, too).Image

The loud noises, lightening, and air pressure changes during storms can be too much for some dogs, sending them quaking in fear. Some dogs bark, whine, or pace. Some become destructive in their attempts to hide. And while it can be difficult for us, because we can’t explain that they’re safe, we have some solutions and tips to help everyone get through it.

ImageHerbsmith Calm Shen – This calming blend of Chinese herbs help maintain relaxation and relieve stress by bringing the body back into natural balance. Calm Shen is not an immediate solution, as it needs to time become effective, so start using it when the weather begins to warm up and use the whole time they may be exposed to thunder. See the ingredients and the theory behind Chinese medicine here.


Thundershirt – Similar to swaddling a baby, the Thundershirt exerts a gentle, constant pressure to help calm and relax your dog. It is vet recommended, drug free, and easy to use. Read more here.

ImagePheromones – Pheromones are scentless chemical messengers mother dog’s bodies produce to calm their puppies. They are clinically proven effective to reduce stress, and come in collars and crate sprays, like those offered by Sentry, or in a room diffuser from Adaptil.


CBD oil has been in the news a lot as a natural way to reduce stress and alleviate pain – and for good reason, because it works! CBD is the non-psychotropic component from the hemp plant; as it’s free of THC, which comes from the marijuana plant, they don’t get high from it.

Super Snouts offers veterinarian formulated, pharmaceutical grade CBD oils in a variety of products, from supplements that help skin and coat and immune boosting formulas, to capsules, tinctures, and balms.


Combine the best of two worlds for the best in stress relief!ImageImage

Spread Super Snout’s CBD peanut butter over the Hyper Pet Lickimat.

Licking is a very soothing activity for dogs pet and releases calming endorphins into the body. Combine that with the calming effects of CBD for a truly effective solution for stress and loud noise fears.

Some tips that can help:

1. Prepare them for loud noises like fireworks and thunderstorms before they arrive. There are some things you can do to help prepare them for it – starting to calm them as the thunder booms is not going to be nearly as effective.

Start them as young as possible. Practice getting your dog to settle on command; use a special inside leash and teach them to lie calmly at your feet. Praise and treat them when they are calm. When they learn the routine, it helps them know what to do when the storm comes up. Getting them used to their crate helps give them a sense of security later when they need it.

Some desensitize their pets to thunderstorms by playing CDs of thunderstorm recordings and getting them used to it. Do it during quiet times (like the winter) and slowly increase the volume over time while rewarding their calm behavior. It does only address one of the aspects of storms that can bother dogs, but it can still help reduce their stress.

2. Communicate in a way that our dogs understand. Dogs take their cues on how to act from the most important person in their life: YOU. We all have this natural reaction when our dogs are nervous or afraid to speak to them in a soft, high pitch voice. To other people that sounds comforting and reassuring. To a dog, though, you now sound nervous and afraid, so they become more anxious. One dog trainer we’ve worked in the past recommends, especially for her female clients, to drop their voice an octave or two, and to speak very calmly and matter-of-fact. Now, since you sound calm and collected, your dog can relax some, too.

This technique even works when scared and nervous dogs come in to the store. Nervous dogs often change their demeanor and body language when a deeper, less nervous sounding voice is used.


3. Distraction. Plain and simple, keep their minds and bodies engaged to help distract them from the sounds. Offer to play with them with their favorite toy or game, petting, and offering their favorite treats – as long as they stay calm. A Kong, stuffed with healthy treats, can keep them busily chewing instead of worrying (see some recipes here). Playing louder music or white noise can compete with the sound of the thunderstorm and help them ignore it.

4. Safe place. This can be a crate, the basement, or another room where they feel safe. Allow them to choose the space, and don’t keep them confined, as that can increase their stress. Watch were they like to go and try to make it dark, cozy, and shielded from the light and the noise of the storm. A locked room can also prevent a panicking animal from bolting outside should the door unexpectedly opened.

5. Last resort, seek professional help. There are many different dog training methods out there, and some of them, like Tellington TTouch, may be of help to reduce tension and stress. A trip to the vet may be in order for medications; although many prefer to stay drug free, some dogs may need to use medication when all else fails to help ease the stress of loud noises. It can, with some other changes in environment, make all the difference and reduce everyone’s stress.

Mar 202020

Wilmette Pet Center has always been proud to be such a big part of this community. As such, we feel we have a responsibility to safeguard the health of our customers and our staff. In this light, we would like to point out the changes in our store do help keep everyone safe and healthy:

  • All staff members will always wear protective gloves, while using hand sanitizer and frequent hand washing.
  • Any staff member not feeling their best is staying home. We’re also asking the same of any customer, as per the CDC guidelines. Please, take advantage of our free same day delivery and NEW curb side pick up.

Give us a call at 847-251-6750 and let us know what you need. When we have it ready, come by, let us know you’re outside, and we’ll be more than happy to bring it out to you.

  • All staff members are keeping a safe social distance from each other and customers as per the CDC  guidelines.
  • Cleanliness is a vital part of our store during normal times, but during this period we are increasing the frequency we disinfect the counters, credit card terminals, door handles, bathrooms, shopping baskets, registers, phones, and anything else that gets touched.
  • We have hand sanitizer though out the store, and soap by both of our sinks, and stations with alcohol and paper towels for everyone to use.
  • Although there is no known source of covid-19 in animals, to increase social distances the handling or touching of animals is limited to increase social distancing. Deep disinfection of cages has always been our routine, and we have increased the frequency.

We are reducing store hours, but

we will stay open.

Monday through Friday we are opening at 10 and closing at 6.

Our weekend hours are staying the same – Saturday from 10 – 6 and Sunday from 11 – 5.

We have foods, we have supplies, and are getting more every day. Our vendors and companies are committed to keeping us stocked so that everyone can get the supplies they need.

We would like to personally thank each and every customer for their continued support during this difficult time – We deeply appreciate the loyalty of our customers . We truly have the best customers. With everyone working together and being safe and smart, we will get through this together.

Thank you for your continued support, and please stay safe.

Oct 232019

We are hosting a meet & greet with North Shore Waggin this Saturday, October 26th from 11 to 1:30. Stop by and meet these adorable pups:


Meet the “J” puppies!

Let’s start off with their mom, Jackie. She is a 20 pound terrier/Brussels Griffon mix. Jackie is done being a mom, and wants nothing but a home to call her own.

Here are her pups – just four out of a litter of TEN – no wonder Jackie is done mothering them and needs her own home! They were born on July 3rd, so are now around 16 weeks old. While we know Jackie is indeed their mother, nothing is known about their fathers.Image

Juliet is the most energetic puppy in this litter and needs someone with time to keep her exercised. She is VERY smart–she knows to use the pee pad to potty, and walks well on a leash. She currently weighs just over 12 pounds, so most likely will be 20 to 25 pounds full grown.


June is very playful and friendly with people, and likes being with other dogs. She even tries to fetch their tennis balls, which are too large for her to carry! June will snuggle in your lap, but then wants to run around– she has typical puppy energy.

Jethro is very well socialized and loves everyone he meets, 2 legged and 4. His foster mom says “Jethro likes to play with Imageour dog, but given the choice he always prefers human attention! He LOVES to be held and carried around like a baby.”

He currently weighs around 13 pounds, so we think he most likely will be 30-40 pounds as an adult.


Jessie is very well socialized and loves everyone she meets, 2 legged and 4.  Jessie has a good amount of energy and likes to play with other dogs, so would do well with a 4-legged companion. She also loves human affection and attention and is happy to just hang out with you.

She would be fine with older kids but is a bit too enthusiastic and active for children under 4.



If you are interested in adopting, please submit an application with North Shore Waggin here: http://bit.ly/NSW_adoptionform

More information on each pup can be found on Petfinder here: http://bit.ly/NSW_adoptabledogs