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Dec 202018

It’s coming down to the wire; Christmas is right around the corner. Need a last minute gift or stocking stuffer, maybe a treat? We’ve got you covered with products to make their holiday complete!

Treat them right with our top-of-the-line treats! 

From freeze dried and dehydrated meats to soft training treats, jerky style and biscuit types, too, your dog will love them, these tasty morsels cannot be beat!



All our pups can use new toys!

Soft plush toys and things to chase, maybe a favorite toy that you need to replace.

Keep your smart dog busy and entertained with these versatile puzzle toys, stuff them and freeze them, let them chew, it’ll help occupy your girls and boys.

​​​​​​​From puppies to older dogs, chewing is natural; it helps keep them calm, and for teething puppies, chewing acts as a balm. Meeting this natural urge is not a chore, with healthy beef and tasty pork, rawhides and NoHides, Nylabones and dental chews galore.

And this is the BEST time to stock up with  

Mix and match any toy, treat, or chew, from any department, and get the fourth for free!

Item of equal or lesser value will be free. No limit.

Give them the gift of rest, a place to lay their head, with a comfortable and stylish new bed!

Dec 192018

Great tasting treats are perfect for both socializing and training your pet. Stuff their stockings with the best we have to offer!

From hamsters and rats to guinea pigs and rabbits, our small animals can always use more things to chew on. Chewing is vital for them to help control the length of their teeth and prevent health problems. From a wide range of fun Ware chews to Woodland Get-A-Ways, we’ve got you covered!

Combine the best of both worlds by giving them a cozy hiding place PLUS something to chew on with the Woodland Get-a-way or the Chew-nal!

And this is the BEST time to stock up with 

Mix and match any toy, treat, or chew, from any department, and get the fourth for free!

Item of equal or lesser value will be free. No limit. 

Our pets may be small but their home should not be. Give them more space by upgrading their home to a larger enclosure,more room to roam with new Habitrail tubes, or a new safe play space outside of their cage with a playpen!​​​​​​​

Dec 172018

Crested geckos:

One of our baby flame crested geckos hanging out in a plant. They’ll get more red as they grow.

These adorable little lizards are a great start starter lizards since their requirements are fairly easy to meet. The come from what are called “cloud forests” on New Caledonia, cooler and humid subtropical environments, so they prefer it on the cooler side and very humid. They’re arboreal, preferring to spend their time in the trees, so they do best in a vertical terrarium. Load it up with plants and vines to create a happy and beautiful environment! Their diet consists of fruits, nectar, and insects; this diet is easy to provide with the ZooMed Crested Gecko Food (in fact, prepared diets like this are responsible for making crested geckos so popular and common) combined with fresh fruit and small insects. 


As much as we love our reptiles, let’s face it – they’re not too much into the holiday season. It’s a cold time for them, and they just want to be warm. So treat yourself or the herpetology friend in your life with some new equipment!

Change up their cage and give it a fresh look with new decorations! 

Galapagos Sapa Corner hide is the perfect hide for any tank. Multiple front openings allow animals to enter and exit as they please while providing security. Place the back of the hide against the side of the tank to create a viewing window without disturbing them. Ideal for all reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.

Galapagos Flexible Bridges provide a unique customization option for any terrarium. Bend, twist, and mold the bridges to fit any terrarium environment. Great for all reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.

We have a range of decorations, perfect for any desert or tropical reptile!

Considering getting into reptile keeping, or know someone that wants to? It’s easy with our Zilla starter kits. They come in desert or tropical, with all the basics to make it easy to get you started!

Stop by and talk with out experienced staff to find out which reptile may be best for you and how to help them thrive. You can always check out our list of care sheets on our website for a comprehensive over view of the requirements of the different reptiles we carry!

Don’t forget, it is not uncommon in the winter for reptiles to slow down and lose their appetite. The temperature may be the same, but the decreased hours of light can make them want to brumate. Unless they have been prepared for slowing down, it can be a dangerous process for them. Keep them perky and eating by increasing their temperature. A heat bulb at a higher wattage, or moving the light closer to the tank with a lamp stand can bring the temperature up. And save your lower watt bulbs for the late spring when you lower the temperature back.

Dec 142018

Christmas is fast approaching, but we’re helping make buying presents for your pet or the pet lover in your life easy! Check out our top stocking stuffers for you feline friends:

Keep your kitty happy and active with fun toys! 

All For Paws Lambswool; Let your cats have fun and grab their attention! A mix between suede and lambswool make this line all about comfort and cudliness, and with several styles, it’s sure to keep your cat engaged!

Yeowww catnip toys – Stuffed with 100% organic, USA-grown catnip, some of the BEST catnip on the market, these new shapes will keep your kitty busy for hours.

Neko Flies are on of our most popular cat toys! The interchangeable lures are some of the most realistic and enticing on the market. Cats are born to be hunters and their passion to chase prey and pounce on them is part of their very essence. 

Treat your cat with only the best treats!

Cats do best with a whole meat diet, and their treats should be the same! From freeze dried and dehydrated Orijen, Feline Naturals, and Whole Life to the soft and tasty Buddy Biscuits, in plenty of exciting flavors, we have something for even the finickiest of felines!

This item won’t fit in a stocking, but it may be the gift that helps your cat live a longer and healthier life!

Cats are not big water drinkers. Being desert creatures, their bodies expect to get their hydration from their prey, so they’re not going to drink as much as they need. This can lead to dehydration and eventual kidney and urinary tract problems (especially when we only feed them dry foods). Water fountains like CatIt’s Senses Fresh & Clear can help remedy this, as the moving water encourages them to drink.  The internal filter helps keep the water fresh and clean.

  • New and improved high grade stainless steel
  • Hygienic and dishwasher safe top
  • Large water-to-air surface maximizes oxygenation
  • Compact 2 L / 64 fl oz reservoir
  • Includes filter pad
  • With low-voltage pump
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Re-circulating system
Dec 112018

Focus animal of the week: Dwarf shrimp!

These cute, colorful little animals are active and fun members in your aquarium. They can be kept with peaceful fish, and look really great alone in a  species-only tank. They’re great for both new and experienced fish keepers. 

Diet: Omnivorous

Temps: 65 – 80.

Because of their small size, they fare better in smaller tanks, especially ones with gentle filtration, like a bubble or a sponge filter. The love plants, as that gives them places to hide and dash about and find food on, and those plants will help keep ammonia and nitrates in check (although frequent small water changes are, as always, still important!)

The new Aqueon LED Aquarium Kits are a great option for first time freshwater shrimp and plant keepers! Each aquarium kit comes withQuietFlow® Internal Shrimp Filter with an internal carbon cartridge and a unique removable protective pre-filter sponge, which prevents shrimp from entering the filter housing.

Available in two sizes:The 8.75 gallon shrimp aquarium kit presents a unique viewing perspective into the aquarium. This glass aquarium features an angle top pane of glass allowing for unobstructed top down view into the aquarium.

The 7.5 gallon glass aquarium kit has an elevated base and the lid holds the concealed LED lighting. Each aquarium kit comes withQuietFlow® Internal Shrimp Filter with an internal carbon cartridge and a unique removable protective pre-filter sponge, which prevents shrimp from entering the filter housing.10 pounds of Plant and Shrimp SubstrateBright LEDs for lush freshwater plant growthWater Conditioner SachetAquarium Setup Guide

Check out the new 16 gallon BiOrb – one of our most popular aquarium kits in a new, larger size! 
Constructed Out of Acrylic- 10 times stronger than glass, 50% lighter and 93% clearerTrue 5 Stage Filtration – Biological, Mechanical, Chemical, Water Stabilization and OxygenationLow Voltage – All biOrb aquariums operate from a 12V TransformerLED Lighting – Equipped with a long lasting, low voltage Standard LED LightFilter Cartridge – A true “one size fits all” filter for the biOrb aquariums

Dec 102018

Looking for a quick and easy gift for your pets? Something to get the pet lover in your life?
Check out our gift boxes! Each one contains carefully selected toys and treats for the finickiest pet. They are available for cats, small and medium/large dogs and come already wrapped!

Dog gift box contains:

Holiday stuffed toy                 Squeaky tennis ball               Etta Says chew       Nature’s Animals bakery biscuitTripe treatsPlato Mini Thinkers

plus a $5 gift certificate!

Cat Gift box contains:  Two toy mice            Crinkle ball                      Cat Greenies                 Zoom Around the Room catnip                                     plus a $5 gift certificate!

* Substitutions may be made for certain items.