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From left to right: Christopher, Carrie, Salvador, Sheila, Drew, Dave, Tad, Yuli, Laura, and Clare. (Not shown: Grace, Kenzie, Tim)

Wilmette Pet Center opened its doors in 1945. The store has always been a place for pet loving families to find great pets, and we enjoy being part of our community.

We are a full service pet store, offering great cats and dogs for adoption through Adopt-A-Pet, in addition to our small pets, reptiles, birds, and freshwater fish. We also carry everything you need for your companions, including high quality cat and dog foods, toys and accessories, aquariums, and terrariums – in addition to a well-trained staff to help you enjoy your pets!

Wilmette Pet Center supports and contributes resources to local schools, shelters, and non-for profit organizations to help educate and strengthen our community. It is rewarding to help organizations like Adopt-A-Pet, by fostering homeless dogs and cats in our store until great homes are found with compassionate, loving families. To learn more, visit www.adoptapet-il.org. A pet in need is a friend indeed.